Just a pinch of Brit

Our first Europe trip begins! First stop– London.

With our London city map and our best walking shoes, we were all set for a one-day venture in this fresh new place. We got up as early as we could and headed straight to Liverpool Street station to get our Oyster cards. We topped it up with a bit more credit as a motivation to come back again. A warning to the city that we’re not done with it yet.

The crowd started even before our tourist eyes got accustomed to the usual Saturday buzz in this station. We were very impressed with the tube system. So much so that we spent quite a lot of time scurrying underground along the tube lines, and being so grateful for clearly labelled tube line signs. We were so happy being able to UNDERSTAND all signs of public transport/ directions. Oh English signs!!! I miss you so!

Then we headed to London Bride’s direction to catch a glimpse of the famous bridge in the nursery rhyme. Took a few pictures and then realized… that it wasn’t London Bridge! So right behind us would be River Thames and The Tower Bridge. So erm… London Bridge is not falling down… It’s no where in sight.

We soon caught up with London tourist veteran — CY, from Timo’s company. He brought us around the city as if it was his home town! Though we had a list of things planned out for the day, we were distracted by the unmissable SALE signs all over Oxford Street. Heck! Buckingham Palace is always there, but the sale will end soon… So yeah… you know what happened after that. Oh we also went for a much anticipated haircut! It’s almost impossible to find a reasonably priced saloon in Oslo, let alone an Asian one who knows how to deal with Asian hair.

And right after that, we walked right into the middle of a Gay Parade. In the pouring rain, the paraders were still displaying all that they needed to say about their thoughts about sexuality. We didn’t manage to justify the parade with photos that we snapped in the rain.

Then we thought of visiting our old friend Gordy =) Well… let’s say we know him more than he knows us. We went to one of his restaurants and had a super posh lunch that lasted for hours! It was such a good experience; to have huge plates and small bits of food in the middle and a dribble of fancy sauce. Once in a very long while, it’s fun to play rich. *Cheers to our attempt to be fancy pants*

Since our trip to London this time was so short and we wanted to see as much as we could, what better way to do that than to go up really high on the famous Eye and SEE all you want. The queue was unexpected, but we made it finally. Stuck with a bunch of tourist inside the gondola, I could now say that I ‘saw’ Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral… 

Then came dinner time and we got to meet up with our long time friend Alvin and his girlfriend, Caryn. When Timo and I first met, it was when we met Alvin as well =) So we go way back. They took us for dinner in China Town. Oh! We almost cried when we saw authentic Chinese food!

Then we met up with Georgia– the soon-to-be-famous singer from Gibraltar. I met her while I was in Sonshine FM. She took us out to the night scenes of London, somewhere near Shoreditch High. Though we were a little lost and caught in the rain, we still had fun. Clubs and bars are not really a place Timo and I are familiar with, but that was quite a fun time to experience what the locals do on a Saturday night (or any other night apparently…).

Though very short, it was a great day getting soaked by the London rain and sunshine, walking our legs off, and relying on the paper map instead of Google maps on our iPhones. We definitely will be back! Get ready London!


~ by jeztimo on July 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Just a pinch of Brit”

  1. Can you believe I found you, yet again?! Just like almost 6 years ago, i am so trolling your blog again *muahahahahahahah* (actually, I just need some lunch time entertainment while at work)

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