I spy with my little eyes…

Oslo, pronounced as ooshloo by the locals, is the capital of Norway. Never in my wildest dreams would I have pictured myself coming here, let alone permanently making this place my home for at least 2 years.

So when you’re at a new place, you seem to take note of the peculiar customs that’s been made the norm to the society. Here in Oslo I’ve noticed that….

  • Time passes extremely fast. So I’ve got to do this quick before my 2 years are up.
  • Toilet papers are not squares per units. They are rectangular. I kid you not. This includes public toilets that charge 10NOK per entry.
  • Eating out for the commoners are only for special occasions, because it’ll cost you an arm and a leg to foot the bill (pun intended) and we don’t have that many limbs to spare.
  • There are always babies in prams and pet dogs with fancy collars everywhere you look. Maybe the government here are encouraging more births to populate this land, but seriously?! I reckon the cost for condoms are way too high here… just saying.
  • The Nordics are a big fan of statues. Especially naked ones. They even have a whole park full of naked statues and of naked people clumped together to make a really high poll. I wonder how those statues will look like in winter…
  • You may or may not know that I’ve a fear of birds. But I promise I’m not exaggerating… the birds here are massive! Living near the docks increases my chance of ‘meeting’ the gulls, and man! They are as large as normal sized chickens! They might even beat Malaysia’s kampong chicken anytime. Maybe these ‘meetings’ will help me overcome my fear one day.
  • The Norwegian language!! … why you add so many letters into the word when you’re not even pronouncing half of it?! Oh well… the beauty of language. I shall overcome this barrier and learn you up, oh ultrahardtounderstand language!
  • The sun sets at 11.30pm or even later. I’ve begun to have a new kind of love towards the shades in my bedroom.  But there are days that it’s worth keeping the shades up because this is our view almost every night. I’ll always be in awe of The Creator. Image

I’m sure there are more but these are just the few that I could think of. Plus, I’ve not fully experienced Oslo in all of the seasons yet. Stay tuned for more as I come across the many revelations daily.



~ by jeztimo on July 5, 2012.

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