And this season is brought to you by the word… DIFFERENT.

Relocation has been a thing I could never shake off since I relocated from mom’s tummy to outside her tummy. I don’t think I complained much then, but I knew that relocation is unavoidable. From kindy to mid secondary, my weekdays were with grandparents and weekends at home. College year was a train ride every weekend back home from the college dorm. Then came university that took me to Adelaide for a good 4 years (moving twice within that duration). And when love makes you do the unexplainable, I was swooped to Perth for a blissful 2 years. And just when I thought I could start naming my television, my prince charming was sent to Oslo for duty.

So what do you know… I’m now sipping Rooibos tea while knitting at the balcony of our very first ‘home’, overlooking the constructions sites and peaceful dock. (We moved into a rather new area of Oslo so I don’t mind being a little patient with the ongoing constructions)

And as I’ve never complained since young about relocation, I’m not going to this time as well. Even though it’s a million times further than the usual, but it’s a million times more exciting! So try as I may, I could hardly find anything sad about this move. Except that it’s really expensive to call home and I miss my friends and family in Perth, Adelaide and KL (and those scattered around the world).

All in all, I’m embracing this season of having everything so different. I’m looking forward to the next season, but for now, I’ll sit and watch the word ‘different’ become ‘familiarity’.



~ by jeztimo on July 5, 2012.

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